Making Disciples, Planting Churches, and
Reaching the World through Europe

Emerging Life- Stockholm, Sweden- by Sarah Bedi

The weather in March can be very unpredictable. There are moments where the sun is shining, and there is hope that it will get above 50 degrees. There are even signs of flowers trying to break through the recently thawed soil. The very next day there is three inches of snow on the ground, with no signs of spring on… Read more →

High School Ministry in Italy- by Paul Mieburger

In Italy, there are five years of high school.  Students study philosophy and sociology during their final year, a transition which is essentially equivalent to the first year of university  in America.  Many high school teachers are openly opposed to God and the Bible.  Yet at the same time, studies have shown that young people are more likely to give… Read more →

A New Bread Shop- by David and Amy Cato

Almost three years ago, a man from our church, Adi Buhai, met Viorel. Viorel was open to talking about God and started studying the Bible with Adi. In the months that followed, Viorel and his wife, Mirabela, got saved, and since then they have been inviting all their neighbors and family to Sunday morning Bible study.  It’s often a packed… Read more →

The Way to God- by John Goering

This year’s GCE Missionary Retreat in Malta was a wonderful time of encouragement and rest for all of us. As we drove away from an amazing week to the airport, we began a conversation with our friendly and talkative taxi driver, Mateus.  I noticed a crucifix hanging from his rear-view mirror, so I asked if he was Catholic.  He replied… Read more →