Using the English language to further the Gospel- An Update from the Marrones in Spain

English continues to be the lingua franca for the world. Whether you come to Spain or go virtually anywhere, English remains the global language. Many Spaniards want to learn English for business relationships, traveling abroad or finding employment. For this reason, we use English to reach Spaniards with the gospel of Christ. We thank God for the many students coming each week. We have seen a number of students receive God’s forgiveness and love in Christ as a result of the English Clubs we organize.

A young man, who has attended English Clubs since March prayed to receive Christ after class! We transitioned from talking about the true meaning of Christmas to asking him, “if he was going to heaven.” This young mas wasn’t sure so we explained the gospel message. At that moment he repented of his sins and trusted in Jesus- His work on the cross and the resurrection. With much gratitude, he said, “I am definitely leaving a different person than the one who came to class.” He has been on our prayer list since the spring so we cannot discount the power of prayer! God is faithful!!! Please pray for the rest of his family to know the Lord and praise God for his salvation!

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