Rebirth in Rivne, Ukraine Volare P.

Vitalik at the Rehab Center

Here in our rehab houses in Rivne we are on the front lines of ministry. One of the brightest examples of the transforming Gospel is Vitalik from Kyiv.  A brother from our rehab center was friends with him in prison many years ago, but they hadn’t been in touch for 17 years. One day he found out Vitalik was recently released from prison, his young wife died from drugs, he had a 3 year old son, and his life seemed to be heading quickly to prison again. The brother wanted to help and gave him the contacts of the rehabilitation center. 

Vitalik came for rehabilitation because his mom asked him to. He planned only to undergo rehabilitation for a couple of days and then go home, but here he heard about Christ for the first time and the Gospel has turned his life upside down. He keeps talking about God and how everything is constantly changing in his heart. It is such a joy to watch him admiring everything around him like a child and taking important steps of obedience. We are now thinking about how to help him restore his life. The changes in him are a great encouragement for us. Only God can do this! 

Please pray the men in the rehab center will seek the Lord and set correct priorities, and for their physical health, as most are at risk with the coronavirus because of their chronic illnesses. 

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