Outreach Stories From Cologne- Mateo Echeverry


Several months ago we met Zaid and his family, Yazidis who have been here 4 years. He invited us to his house for dinner and I’ve been hanging out with him weekly, sharing Bible stories with him.  He’s really opened up to me and shared how his cultural identity and ties are so strong that he is not free in Germany. Should he marry a non-Yazidi or leave his faith, he thinks he would likely be disowned and potentially threatened or even killed. I’ve shared about faith quite a bit and I think God has given us favor with him and his family. Pray that despite the social pressure he would believe and follow Jesus.


We met Ade and his family during a dinner late last year that we hosted. They have had us over for dinner twice since then. We’ve gotten to share our testimonies again and also the Gospel. His family really likes us and they love our son Malachi. They have been through a lot in Syria and they are pretty devout Muslims and proud of it. Pray that God would water the seeds that were sown. Pray for continued favor and for breakthrough.

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