Every Believer a Disciple Maker- Timmy Powers-Managing Director, Eastern Europe

One of the values that has been deeply imprinted on my life through my involvement with Great Commission Europe is our commitment to seeing every believer become a disciple-maker.  As I have served overseas for the past twenty years I have made this truth a hallmark of my ministry. However, over the past year I became aware of a weakness in how I was presenting my convictions. I had been doing a respectable job in envisioning and exciting people with their calling to make disciples, but I was failing to effectively and consistently train them in the “how to do it”.

This past year as I have traveled throughout Europe, I have put more focus on equipping the saints, instead of teaching them.  I don’t only train them in areas like sharing their testimony and the gospel, leading a Discovery Bible Study, and helping a new believer grow. I also give them lots of time to actually practice what they are learning. Not only have people enjoyed the more practical format, we are seeing real fruit as people feel more competent and confident to enter into the harvest and share the gospel and make disciples.

Here is some feedback I received after my Fall trip:

“Thank you Timmy for coming to equip us. As a result of the training, one of our families has taken a new step to reach out to unbelievers by starting a Discovery Bible Study in their home.”
Igor- church planter serving near the war zone in Eastern Ukraine

“A big thanks to you, Timmy, for the unbelievably inspiring training you did with us. I am now ,with a fresh enthusiasm, using the simple Bible study approach you taught us to use with unbelievers. The training also gave me a confidence in sharing my personal testimony that I have never had before.”
Daryna- Kiev, Ukraine

“Timmy, we have started teaching some young believers the Commands of Christ that you taught us to use. It is very inspiring for everyone.”
Masha- Odessa, Ukraine

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