The Need for Living Hope Sarah Bedi, Stockholm, Sweden

A local flyer providing information about events and activities supported by the local municipality was distributed to our buildings. The officials informed us that fifty more refugee families were moving into this area. We are not allowed to know exact addresses or provide volunteer assistance, but we were at least informed. You can walk down the street and meet someone who was a refugee twenty years ago, and whose family is now dispersed throughout the world. The next person you meet spent three days in the trunk of a car last year to escape his/her country, and had to be lifted out, as he could not move a muscle. You meet one person who refuses prayer, replying that it is not something he/she needs because he/she is Muslim. The next person you meet says, “Yes, that would be great.” The diversity exists and the need for Living Hope is evident.

God’s timing is amazing and we trust Him. As we lift up our praises inside and out, as we proclaim the reality that the Kingdom is here, we know the Holy Spirit will shift the atmosphere. Through prayer walking, engaging people, learning culture and worldview, we have many opportunities to meet people whose entire culture is far from God. The spiritual battle is real and we need prayer and fasting; yet, His faithfulness is evident. When we met B he said, “I have left Islam and I am on the way to Christianity.” The vision of no-budget churches that meet in homes and businesses exists to see immigrant leaders established and equipped; to see a movement among their people group; to provide a safe environment, that those seeking would be able to ask questions without their lives being threatened. Join us in praying for cultivated soil and prepared hearts to receive the seed of truth as we step into living this out.


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