Into The Wilderness- Summer 2017, Anthony Testa

Thanks so much for praying for us on our Leadership Training Camp two weekends ago. We were amazed at how God used this 28 hour leadership training camp to overwhelm students with His love through Jesus. Initially, we thought we were going to be training future youth leaders; however, when we met the students, we realised that we were being asked to present the gospel to many people who had never heard it before. Our multi-ethnic staff was so flexible and loving. I was deeply touched to see how the Holy Spirit flowed through their lives into the hearts of the youth.

For example, the first afternoon on the rock all over our instructors put the minds of the youth at ease by creating an environment of grace, peace and love. Many of the students felt so loved and cared for that they began to open up about their lives around the camp stoves and meals. In fact, Daniel shared about the freedom he received to be who he was in Christ as he listened to one of the instructors talk about his journey of finding freedom in Christ.

The following day we had to rescue Gaby, a young lady who was stuck on the via ferrata. She hugged the instructor who rescued her after the climb saying, “I learned today that I really can trust God with everything, especially my fears!” She was not alone. In fact, many of the students were amazed at just how practical the gospel is and decided to begin to pursue a relationship with Jesus.

Finally, one young lady was petrified after the first half of the via ferrata and had to descend a trail after it with Amelia, an ITW instructor. They spent the afternoon together talking and sharing life. The instructor had a chance to share the gospel and made for the girl a crown of flowers to remind the girl how precious she is to Jesus. The girl’s father has abandoned her family and God used this special one-on-one time to show the girl that God the Father has never abandoned her.

Please pray that each of these students would fall in love with Jesus and begin to follow Him with all their hearts.

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