Il Rifugio

In Italy, coffee is king, and bars are really coffee bars.  Aldo, who always wears a coat and tie, is a well-known barista in Torino, who for many years owned his own bar at a prime location in the city.  But when the building owner pushed him out, he essentially lost everything.  Someone invited him to “Il Rifugio,” and he started coming not only on Sunday, but also to Tuesday prayer and Bible Study.  Many people shared with him about Jesus and the Gospel, but his religious background appeared to blind him to the truth.  He seemed to agree, but never truly embraced Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

Aldo suffers from a bad hip and knees.  While in the hospital for a hip replacement, many from “Il Rifugio” went to visit him.  They prayed for him and continued to share about Jesus.  One evening, as he was reading about Jesus’ suffering in the Gospels, something miraculous happened.  When you ask Aldo, he says; “It was like Jesus came and grabbed me.”  His eyes were opened and he knew he was saved.  He immediately began telling everyone in the hospital about Jesus, both patients and staff.  He regularly carries with him tracts and Bible verses from his tear-off calendar, distributing them freely throughout the day.

Aldo is now one of our most faithful members at “Il Rifugio.”  He is working at his brother’s bar near the Torino engineering university.  The Gospel still flows freely from his mouth, coupled with a big smile and acts of love.  Engineering students and staff from all over the world come to his bar for coffee.  Aldo blesses them when he serves not only good Italian coffee, but also the words of eternal life.

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