The Spirit Stirring Hearts-by Frank and Pam Apisa, Milano, Italy

Last spring, before we left for the U.S., the aunt of a friend of ours asked us to help her daughter with English. The first time we met, she asked Pam “What religion are you?” Pam replied, “We don’t believe in religion, but we believe that each of us can have a personal relationship with God.” Her face lit up and she said that she would like to talk more about this. Both of them came to our English Clubs in May and Vittoria (the aunt) attended the church service a few times in the summer.

When we returned from the U.S. in the fall, Vittoria started doing a Bible study with Pam and had many spiritual questions. She was also reading it on her own and seemed to be really hungry to know the truth. When we shared the gospel with her, she clearly  understood how her sin separated her from God, but felt that she needed to do something to be good enough to go to heaven. As we shared how Jesus completely paid for our sins, that there was nothing we could add to his finished work on the cross, she expressed the desire to put her trust in him alone for her salvation. By faith she repented of her sins and gave her life to Jesus. Hallelujah!

Since then, we have seen her grow in faith and radiate with joy! Her husband and she used to argue a lot and were on the verge of separation. Now he is happy to have her go to church and spend time with the believers, because he can see the transformation taking place in her life! He is not ready to go with her, but we are building a friendship with him and all her family

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