REACHING OUR NEIGHBORHOOD- by Sasha Zubenko, Dombrovka, Poland

Dombrovka, Poland is a small community where more than 2500 people live.  Most families here do not practice active life with God, but simply fulfill their Sunday church visits, considering that this is the meaning of the Christian life.

After moving to this city, we started gathering at the house of Hani and Peter (our believing neighbors) for worship, prayer and reading God’s word. We named our small church City on a Hill, and we, with other believers, committed to influencing the people of Dombrovka and the surrounding villages.

God led us to especially focus on young people and families, actively sharing with them God’s plan for their lives and pointing them to Christ as the answer to their questions and struggles. We give glory to God for the ways He has already worked.

Last year, the Lord led Yaroslav to be a part of our fellowship. For more than six years Yaroslav was studying at the Jesuit University in order to become a Catholic priest. His plans changed when he learned what it means to have a close personal relationship with Jesus. God led him to leave the path he was pursuing, and now he is trusting God to bless and provide for his family through a job he has found. He has started a Bible study in his home for some of his friends. And just a few months ago, Yaroslav, along with three other members of our fellowship, decided to be baptized. Praise the Lord! We had been waiting with eagerness for the first baptisms of our church!

We thank the Lord for His great work among us. We thank Him that we have the strength and courage to go to people, and to bring them the truth about the kingdom of God, salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ!

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