Diaspora- Coming to Europe

AsylumClaims2015The topic of diaspora people groups is on many people’s minds today as thousands of people per day are being displaced from their homes due to war and violence or forced displacement.  Europe became  home to over 1.3 million displaced people in 2015 alone. This creates a unique opportunity in Europe and Eurasia to share the gospel with people who otherwise would have been hard to reach.  These people truly are in foreign lands looking to rebuild a life for themselves and their families.  Many will be open to the gospel and searching for the love of Christ. GCE is praying through practical steps to reach these individuals with the gospel and show them the love of Christ.

Below are a few good resources highlighting the relocation and/or displacement of refugees.

Refugee Highway Partnership has created a map you can view here. 

Another good source showing asylum claims in Europe comes from Eurostat (map on the right).

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