From Amsterdam to Kenya

Rony & Linda in Kenya

by Linda Kitchen, A50, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In late December 2015, Amsterdam50 (A50) once again sent a team on a mission trip to Kenya. This was our church’s seventh mission trip, continuing to build the relationship with these precious 31 orphan kids and staff. I was blessed to have Imelda (Dutch woman) and Rony (from Kenya) as a part of the team.

This Kenyan run and operated “safe house” is for orphan kids who come from the area around Naivasha in the Karai region/Rift Valley. Dorcas Wachira, the Director of the Community Recovery Center Africa (CRCA), and her team provide guidance and direction through spiritual development, sound nutrition, good education, a safe place to live and developing hope for their futures.

In addition to assisting the orphans with their education, through fundraisers and a focus on the English language, A50 uses these trips to deepen our friendships, have fun, celebrate the birth of Jesus, put on the Nativity Play, help them develop spiritually and also to encourage the staff.

Rony (the “kid magnet”) made a big impact on the kids. Also orphaned as a youth, Rony was a former refugee seeking political asylum – forced to flee from Kenya in 2007, he experienced homelessness, exhaustion, and had lost vision for his life. After finding a church family in A50, God gripped his heart and life, and he was instrumental in reaching out to other refugees and immigrants in Amsterdam.   Rony returned to his Kenyan homeland this past fall as a missionary.   Now living in Nairobi, he will be able to visit with the orphans and staff on a regular basis. I am thankful that God has given A50 a direct contact on the ground in Kenya. (For more of Rony’s story, please go to this link:

Please pray for 1) God’s presence over the safe house & that each child will be grounded in God’s truth; and 2) for the Lord’s blessing and provision for Rony.

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