Monthly Archives: February 2016

On Mission in Europe- by Linda Kitchen- Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’m excited to share with you about Amsterdam50’s mission trip to Kenya. I was blessed to have Imelda (Dutch woman) and Rony (Kenyan now living back in Kenya since Sept. 2015) as a part of the team. The December trip was our church’s 7th mission trip, continuing to build the relationship with these precious 31 orphan kids and staff.    Relationship… Read more →

Using the English language to further the Gospel- An Update from the Marrones in Spain

English continues to be the lingua franca for the world. Whether you come to Spain or go virtually anywhere, English remains the global language. Many Spaniards want to learn English for business relationships, traveling abroad or finding employment. For this reason, we use English to reach Spaniards with the gospel of Christ. We thank God for the many students coming each week. We… Read more →