Director’s Message

A Man of Peace – Brasov, Romania – by Timmy Powers, GCE Eastern Europe Director

Until two years ago David, Adi and their wives only had a small group of people gathering with them in Brasov and most of their outreach was centered on Transylvania University. However, two summers ago a short-term mission team from West Virginia helped bring about a significant turning point in their ministry. They decided to venture outside of the city… Read more →

Every Believer a Disciple Maker- Timmy Powers-Managing Director, Eastern Europe

One of the values that has been deeply imprinted on my life through my involvement with Great Commission Europe is our commitment to seeing every believer become a disciple-maker.  As I have served overseas for the past twenty years I have made this truth a hallmark of my ministry. However, over the past year I became aware of a weakness… Read more →

What if…? by Joe Dunn, Managing Director

What if…? This question, with endless possibilities of what to add afterwards, can paralyze any decision or movement forward.  However, ‘What if?’ can also open our minds to consider things we may not have been willing to contemplate or even think possible. I would like to submit this question for you to consider, as I have, concerning the asylum seeking/refugee/immigration… Read more →

Reaching The Nations Through Ukraine- by Timmy Powers, Director Eastern Europe

Just a few days ago, I experienced a special joy when I spoke with four of my long-time Ukrainian friends and their Armenian hosts located not far from Yerevan. It was less than two months ago when Marina, who came to Christ at a camp we did fourteen years ago in Kiev, asked what I thought about her organizing a… Read more →

Encouraging News from Cologne, Germany- by Daniel Goering

The church in Cologne has had a Pentecost Retreat in the Netherlands for many years.  This year’s was among the most fruitful and encouraging. Even though the weather was less than cooperative, we had great times in the Word together (John Goering, did the main teachings on a Christ-centered approach to understanding the Bible). The fellowship was sweet and even… Read more →

Reaching The Nations Through Europe- by Joe Dunn, Director GCE

As we seek to cooperate with what God is doing around the world, we can gain much insight from the Apostle Paul’s words to the people of Athens on Mars Hill… From one man He created all the nations throughout the whole earth. He decided beforehand when they should rise and fall, and He determined their boundaries.  His purpose was… Read more →

Annual Missionary Retreat- by Daniel Goering, Western Europe Director

Our Europe based missionaries take the better part of a week each year around Easter to connect with each other and be refreshed in the Lord.  This year’s retreat was held for the first time in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Everyone was super encouraged by the time.   Our guest speaker this year was Tim Haring of Chestnut Ridge Community Church in Morgantown,… Read more →