Making Disciples, Planting Churches, and
Reaching the World through Europe

Rebirth in Rivne, Ukraine Volare P.

Here in our rehab houses in Rivne we are on the front lines of ministry. One of the brightest examples of the transforming Gospel is Vitalik from Kyiv.  A brother from our rehab center was friends with him in prison many years ago, but they hadn’t been in touch for 17 years. One day he found out Vitalik was recently… Read more →

Outreach Stories From Cologne- Mateo Echeverry

Several months ago we met Zaid and his family, Yazidis who have been here 4 years. He invited us to his house for dinner and I’ve been hanging out with him weekly, sharing Bible stories with him.  He’s really opened up to me and shared how his cultural identity and ties are so strong that he is not free in… Read more →

An Update From the Director- Joe Dunn

Paul’s ministry – encourage and equip in addition to expanding. My recent travels took me to places where the apostle Paul might also have set foot, and to people groups he might have encountered. In Acts we see him circling back two or three times through territory where he had first labored to expand the Kingdom, returning to encourage and… Read more →

Emerging Life- Stockholm, Sweden- by Sarah Bedi

The weather in March can be very unpredictable. There are moments where the sun is shining, and there is hope that it will get above 50 degrees. There are even signs of flowers trying to break through the recently thawed soil. The very next day there is three inches of snow on the ground, with no signs of spring on… Read more →