Making Disciples, Planting Churches, and
Reaching the World through Europe

Spiritual Fruit through Camps in Romania- D. Cato

We held two camps, one a smaller retreat-like for older students, and one larger group. We were excited to see new and old campers come, and glad that our good friend K (name abbreviated) made the effort to come to camp, and hear all the good teaching and fellowship we have there. K and her friend have gone back to… Read more →

The Need for Living Hope Sarah Bedi, Stockholm, Sweden

A local flyer providing information about events and activities supported by the local municipality was distributed to our buildings. The officials informed us that fifty more refugee families were moving into this area. We are not allowed to know exact addresses or provide volunteer assistance, but we were at least informed. You can walk down the street and meet someone… Read more →

LOVE DRESSED IN WORK CLOTHES Mindy Henson, Kyiv, Ukraine

Thousands of Ukrainians have fled from eastern Ukraine since the war with Russia began in 2014. They are desperate to find places to live and hope for the future. In June, a team from Valley View Community Church (Columbia, Missouri), together with a team from Spring of Hope Church in Kyiv, Ukraine, spent a week in a small village about… Read more →